Some attempts to make sense of it all while flying around the cosmos on a small blue-green dot in the outer reaches of a pretty average galaxy somewhere in the universe.

  • Lazy Loading Images in Orchard

    One thing I've been meaning to do forever is implement lazy loading for images. After all, if an image is below the fold, and the user never scrolls down the page, why waste bits downloading it?

    While I was at it I also implemented a simple fade-in animation. 


    This article assumes you're using Orchard 1.9 with the hiphouse swatch of the Cascade.Bootstrap theme, but the principles are simple and you can adapt it to pretty much any web page.

    How It Works

    Lazy loading is …

  • How to Create a Full Screen Background Image

    This article assumes that you are using Layouts in Orchard 1.9, together with Cascade.Bootstrap and the hiphouse swatch. If you don't have this theme then you need to load the LESS listed at the bottom of the page.

    A good way to grab the attention of visitors is with a big, bold image, and a short, succinct message. Many website use this technique and I've wanted to implement it for Orchard using Bootstrap for some time. Here's an example:

    No matter how big the browser viewport, the initial …

  • Fridge Henge

    The year is 2114 and a discovery has been made (click the image for more) ...

    Fridge Henge

    Conceived by Ben Laycock and built by Dean Bridgehfoot with the help of Keenen Sutherland, Johnno Smith, Jason Hendrickson and many others, this installation is part of the Castlemaine State Festival.

    But PROGRESS is unstoppable and lower forms of humans have found it necessary to add their grunts and groans to this story. But its not exactly hard to tell the narratives apart, and the additional ' …